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Right to Stay – Right to Move


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Among the main contributions of this work is the sharpness in the use of the author's knowledge in different disciplines particularly in Economics, Sociology, Social Policy and Law. As well as his academic audacity in resorting to a great ample baggage of sources both of current political conjuncture citing digital media as well as of return to the classics of Economy and Law, pleasant historical narratives and even of literary novels. As well as the use of recent publications identifying clear and provocative ideas of a path dependency and the "development of underdevelopment" for those who are willing to understand the connection between social space and social time of the global village. (From the foreword by Dr. Lorena Ossio, LLM; Coordinator of the Research Group "Understanding Southern Welfare”; Center for Interdisciplinary Research at Bielefeld University). THE AUTHOR: Peter Herrmann is renowned Social Philosopher, whose work hugely gains from his experience gained from having worked across different disciplines and across the globe. Though any attempt of classifying his work is in danger of simplification, his experience reaches from eg. the analysis of organisations and consultancy work to methodological conceptualisations of global societal policies. His work gained from teaching, research and various involvements in policy processes, especially in connection with EU-developments (social policy, service industries). CONTENT: Migration between value and poverty chains Human Rights - Every Day’s Rights or: The Search for a Fourth Generation

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