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Revisiting Values and Rights in a Digitalising World


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European Academy of Science and Arts, Authors and content: Sami Karhu: Co-operation between Science and Practice Guy Bäckman: Nordic Social Policy in the Digital Culture Tapani Köppä: How to Produce and Share Common Humanistic Values? – Digitalisation and Recognition of the Social Meaning of Economic Relationships Jouko Jääskeläinen: Digitization and the Communal Economy – Countering Economic Power, Finding Ways to Justice Esa Erävalo: Technological Possibilities for the Democratization of Production Arto Lahti: Internet of Things, Big Data, Business Models and Entrepreneurship Jussi Tuovinen, Kai Martesuo: Emotional Communication Based on Remote Touch - A New Way for Digital Social Interaction Sirkka-Liisa Eriksson: Digitalization in Education Jari Jolkkonen: Some Theological Aspects on Artificial Intelligence Antti Teittinen, Hannu Vesala, Anne-Marie Tuikka: Digital Divide and People with Disabilities in Finland – Significance of Age and Gender Sauli Ahvenjärvi: The Development of autonomous Shipping and its Impact on Social and Economical Issues Juhani Laurinkari: The Social Policy in Finland and in Hungary since 1867 – The Digitisation and the Comparative Methodology of the History of Social Policy

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